Reason for Integrating

The integration of Mindfulness practices with hypnotherapy provides a method with tools and techniques that has as it’s aim the improvement of the way you think and feel about yourself and to enable you with an improved ability to deal with the wide range of day to day stress inherent in modern day living.

Mindfulness based hypnotherapy works successfully together on a number of levels as both share a number of similar characteristics, one of the most obvious being that mindfulness meditation and hypnosis each involve a focussed state of absorption and both are uncomplicated methods of mental training with proven results, that foster a more relaxed state of body and mind.

It is through the relaxation of the mind and body and the focussing of our attention that neurologically we can slow down our brainwaves,in turn bypassing the thinking analytical mind,gaining access to the minds operating system / subconscious and it’s here that we can intentionally change long held negative beliefs and limiting disempowering feelings and behaviours.

As a result, both mindfulness and hypnotherapy,through this focussed state of intention allow an exploration of the architecture of your minds landscape and the subtle structure of your thoughts, so that the feelings and behaviours that are behind and supporting issues such as anxiety, anger, depression, stress related issues, traumatic memories, unwanted habitual behaviours and inappropriate patterns of response can be modified for the better.

Mindfulness based hypnotherapy supports your personal development through becoming more aware on a moment to moment basis of your thoughts, your feelings and your beliefs in a non judgemental way.
Being awake in the present moment means you spend less time ruminating ( letting problems replay over and over again in your mind) and worrying about the future and instead by becoming more awake and in control of not just your patterns of thinking and feeling but also be able to adjust your behaviour more fluidly as when needed as a result.

The regular practice of mindfulness and self hypnosis takes you out of living in and dwelling on the past, worrying constantly about the future based on projections from the past and instead, promotes being more fully present and awake in the here and now.

Often the tendency in life is to say “not now please” to our inner growth and instead to spend our time escaping reality, whether it’s watching tv, playing video games, browsing the Internet etc rather than focussing on becoming more present on a moment to moment and living in the here and now.
By becoming the observer of your thoughts and feelings and not judging your thoughts or your feelings you give less weight ( semantic density) to them, often it’s not your thoughts that are the problems but your thoughts about your thoughts that cause the problems.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
Albert Einstein

By becoming more aware of those patterns of thought that lead to the triggers of your negative thinking. Through practise you will be able to become more of an observer of your thoughts and thinking patterns and begin to be able to restructure your thinking, so, that you are not just functioning out of automatic habitual programs and to instead become the conscious programmer of your self.

An ability to investigate the deeper unconscious and conscious processes that have been triggering your stressful thoughts, feelings and behaviours is gained by using the practices and techniques of mindfulness,guided mindfulness meditations,clinical hypnosis and self hypnosis on a regular basis.

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