What is Mindfulness Based Hypnotherapy?


Mindfulness based hypnotherapy (MBH) integrates the principles and practices of mindfulness with Cognitive Hypnotherapy creating a therapeutic approach with the ability to create changes on a conscious logical level and at the unconscious level.

The famous German physicist Albert Einstein famously stated that:

we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them“.

The root of a problem is not always conscious and often cannot be solved by logic alone, if it could then the simple application of logic to the problem would suffice, however it’s not always as simple as a yes or no, a right or wrong, there may be many different solutions each equally valid to the same situation. When we try to apply logic and reason alone to certain problems and circumstances we can find ourselves in like a dog chasing it tail, we can find ourselves going round and round in circles trying to find a solution which is like as the old African parable says “an insect under the skull” causing more confusion,misunderstanding and often deep personal unhappiness.

Both mindfulness and hypnotherapy practices have been used for thousands of years to create positive changes in peoples lives, whilst cognitive hypnotherapy can be used to access and reprogram long held unconscious / conscious patterns of thinking and behaving,mindfulness enables us to work effectively with the conscious mind in becoming more aware of our thoughts,feelings and internal dialogue, which enables you to mange them more appropriately, by being able to observe your thoughts,feelings and internal dialogue / internal representations.By not getting caught up in judgements, interpretations of events and the mindlessness promoted now as everyday day living you can enjoy and be in the moment, in turn experiencing life more fully.

Mindfulness based hypnotherapy is very similar to traditional hypnotherapy, however the mindfulness techniques of grounding and focussing of awareness are utilised in Mindfulness based hypnotherapy throughout the session and as part of the process of inducing hypnosis.

An important principle in Mindfulness based hypnotherapy is that of creating autonomy for the client. In the traditional model of hypnotherapy people go to see a hypnotherapist, the hypnotherapist puts them in a trance and consequently solves their problems, this is fine however for many the change is not always a permanent one, after a while a difficult situation or a stressful point in life can trigger the old ways of thinking,and trigger old habits, associations and the familiar ways of coping with the stress.
Mindfulness based hypnotherapy’s guiding principle is as the Chinese saying goes “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

The guiding principle in Mindfulness based hypnotherapy of promoting autonomy for the client in effect provides you with the tools and techniques to be able to generate your own personal growth and personal empowerment outside of the hypnotherapy sessions as well through the utilisation of self hypnosis, guided mindfulness meditations and daily mindfulness exercises.

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